these tutorials videos don't work! it just goes like this ^ it is not a problem with the internet I'm sure, but if not.. then what is it?? i need these videos otherwise i can't learn how to run this thing

help me please.

these tutorials videos don't work! it just goes like this ^ it is not a problem with the internet I'm sure, but if not.. then what is it?? i need these videos otherwise i can't learn how to run this thing

help me please.

Hello, Thanks for posting about this. Our tutorials are streamed to you so it could very well be an internet connection issue but if not there may be a bug. Did you try to quit the app and restart it to see if that helped? If I am not connected I will get the same persistent loader, but once I connect the videos work. We do understand how important the videos are and really do want to make sure you can watch them to learn uMake. For now, try to quit and restart the app and see if that helps. Lastly, can you check your internet connection speed-- a slow connection could be responsible for longer than usual loading. Are you able to stream other videos (from youtube for example) to your device without any issue? Thanks again for reaching out. We have put this in our issues to look at to try and solve the problem and are looking into it. Thank you for your patience.
Video tutorials are so fast that they defeat the instructional value. Please provide a way To slow them.


Thanks for the feedback. When you tap on the tutorials to play them, you will see that there is a Play/Pause controller so you can pause them at any point, in order to slow them down. Have you tried using the video controls? 

We worked hard to make the tutorials a speed the we thought would be good-- if they are too long/ slow, many users may not want to follow them. 

Are there any tutorials in particular that you feel are too fast? 

Thanks again for the feedback! We will definitely take this into consideration! 

Hi Nyko,

I have tried the play/pause controller, and when I use it the video greys out and is unclear to see.  Also,

it doesn't run smoothly and it is impossible to follow with the controller.  I have tried it several times.

I have used the controller on other videos and applications, and haven't had this problem.

Hi again Nyko,

I forgot to add that I have seen complaints from other people that the videos are too fast, and experienced trainers at the Apple Store who have looked at them with me, to try and figure out what is going on, also say they are too fast for them!  Sometime it is not possible to see what tool is being chosen.  There is no chart that has the complete set of tool icons and the names of them, that I have seen.  So for instance, when one of the videos called for the lofting tool, both the trainer and myself thought it was not available on the start up version of uMake.  Also, neither of us has been successful in

actually getting the lofting tool (once I figured out  which tool it was, after watching the video at least 15 times,)  to actually raise up a surface.  All it did any time we tried it was to close a side of an object, i.e.

a cube.  It didn't curve it up.  There should be a separate  and slower video for each of the tools.

The Apple trainer thinks we should give up on uMake and go for another app.  That is how exasperating

the experience has been.  I have seen other complaints posted about the difficulty of using uMake. 

Many of the answers given often suggest the internet speed or connection.  That can also be frustrating for someone whose connection has been working for all of their other apps., and they know it is not the


Hi Nyko,

I am using the iPad air. Thank you for telling me about the upgrade to uMake which I just downloaded. I looked at the new tutorial videos.

I still find them to be extremely fast, just as fast as on the previous version.  I tried again the pause/play 

controller, but it doesn't work in a reliable and smooth way.  It goes a long time not moving anything at all

and then gets to another point but seems to skip things or else slide back to where it was before.  In addition it is in a location that covers up the top menu on the video.  Since there seems to be no reliable way of slowing the videos to a comfortable speed, I am wondering if uMake could offer slowed-down versions of the tutorial videos to those who request them or a speed adjuster other than that slider.  I found the youTube channel for some of the previously make uMake videos, but youTube does not have a speed setting adjustment either.  Their pause/ play slider however, is more reliable than uMakes.  

The only place to watch any of the uMake videos and to be able to slow the speed reliably is watching them on the computer, in Safari.  Safari has a setting for speed.  That means, if someone is on the go, and doesn't have their computer with them, but has their iPad, and wants to learn some things in uMake, there is no way to adjust the speed in a reliable way.  Please make available either a speed setting or, slowed down videos.  Please make the learning process smooth and not so frustrating.  I thank you profusely in advance.  Let me know if that will happen.

I notice that the upgraded version of uMake does not have the same support 'tickets' but does have a

place to give feedback for problems we find.  Will uMake still provide a response to the senders for the feedbacks they receive from them?   Or the problems the sender is having?  Perhaps there is a place for

'tickets' and I just didn't see it.  I didn't see a page like the one I am writing on now. Is the 'suggest an improvement' the equivalent of the support tickets?

Thanks again!    Janet

Hi Janet, 

Thanks for your feedback, it is always helpful to hear from our users and our goal is not to create a frustrating learning experience. 

The video player that is used in uMake to play videos is the default video player in iOS. The jumpiness is probably because the videos are streaming. We stream videos so as not to make the size of the app too big, and also if we need to update the videos, we can do so independent of the app. 

I do know in iOS that Apple podcasts can be sped up or slowed down, but usually that is for audio versus video. I'll look into this and see what we can do, an talk with the team. It is a good suggestion worth exploring, and again, learning uMake should be fun and straight forward, not frustrating. 

That said, I do hope you are enjoying the new interface more, with named icons and a more straightforward workflow. When it comes to feedback, uMake will still provide feedback as we always have. 

We use two channels for feedback-- sending feedback to Hello@uMake.xyz, (which goes to the ticket system) or using this forum is one way. From within the app, this uses a slightly different tool that helps us track bugs in case a user encounters a bug and wants to send us feedback about it, or suggest an idea. We get to see all feedback each day from our various channels (e-mail, forum, feedback tools) and we try our best to respond as quickly as we can. So no worries there, we will be around to support you. Our support isn't going anywhere. 

I hope that helps answer your questions and concerns. I'll be in touch in the coming weeks to let you know what we decide regarding the videos. 

Thanks again for your feedback! 

Hi Nyko,

Thanks again for your reply.  I do really appreciate your replies and support.  I tried the procedure you

outlined for making a table with legs, and it all went quite smoothly except for placing the last and fourth

leg. It was difficult to tell which side I was on and which side was missing the last leg.  When looking at the table from a side or front/back view, I didn't know how to tell if a leg was on the side close to be or in back.  Your outline  didn't describe the procedure up to that point, which I found the most difficult in terms of knowing how to keep track of the views and the positioning of the legs. Perhaps you could give me your way of knowing.  I was showing this to the trainer at the Apple store, and he suggested placing the legs, after extruding the first one, by doing it when looking from the bottom up view, or the underside of the table.  But I would like to know how you did those last legs.

The next thing I have to work on is to place a drawing of a child playing underneath the table. This is part of a story line of a children's book I want to illustrate.   I also have to have characters sitting on chairs around the table. The story is very visual, and 3-D is very  important to the story.  So, I am hoping to do it with uMake if drawing characters is something uMake can do easily.  What do you say to that?  I don't want the characters to look mechanical.  If uMake had basic shapes offered with the program, and these shapes could bend,  I could do a rough of the characters with these basic shapes and then sketch over them.  I read a request from others for basic shapes like a sphere, cube, cylinder, pyramid, etc.  This would greatly speed up the process of creating with uMake.

Does seating characters on chairs, and having characters in various poses, seem like something that is doable  to do in uMake without too much difficulty?

Thanks again,


Hi Janet, 

I'm looking forward to posting a tutorial on the table tomorrow. I hope it will help show how I would approach the process. 

One question I do have though-- when working in uMake, are you only using the default views, or are you using the Orbit button at all? 

I'll post the tutorial tomorrow. 


Hi Nyko,

I also use the Orbit button.  I will do the initial drawing, i.e. the square or rectangular table top, and then use the orbit button to see how it looks in 3-D.  I don't usually draw in the orbit views but look at the results in those views.



HI Janet, 

Here is the tutorial as Promised! I hope you will find it helpful and useful. 

With regards to your other questions: I do think uMake is a great app for what you are seeking to do with the children's book. uMake is quite powerful and capable, but like with any other software, the more you play and practice with it, the easier it becomes. Soon you will start looking at things and thinking how you could re-make them in uMake.

I've made many complex models in uMake, but creating people (like with any 3D app) is probably the most challenging. 

I wouldn't recommend using uMake to make detailed people, however to create rough 3D sketches that you could use as underlays that you would then color over, uMake would would great. My recommendation for creating people would be to create simple representations of people in various positions, similar to 'drawing mannequins'. Once you have one of these mannequins made up of a few revolved surfaces, you could then position them in various positions and this could help with the underlays. 

The power behind uMake is to be able to quickly sketch out an idea in 3D space and from there take the idea further. While uMake is very capable to do more advanced things, using it as a tool to outline your ideas (in this case for the book) would be a great use for it. From there, you could take exported images and then color over them in other apps to create the illustrations. In the future will will have some tutorials to cover this. 

Also, while I'd invite you to create your own artist Mannequin as a good practice exercise in uMake, I'll try to create one for next week that I will share with the community. 

I hope that helps! 

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