Lofting and 2d scaling transforms

If you could somehow add lofting and some scaling transform options I would be a total worshipper.
If you could somehow add lofting and some scaling transform options I would be a total worshipper.

HI Anthony, Thanks for the feedback and the feature request. 

For 2D scaling, are you referring to the ability to scale something just in 2 dimensions, like XY/ ZY/ XZ? 

For Lofting, we do use lofting to create our surfaces-- if you select two to five curves you can create lofted surfaces between them currently. I'd love to know more about what kind of lofting you are speaking about as there may be a slight variation that we could explore together and add in. 

Thanks again for your feedback and reaching out! 


Nyko de Peyer

uMake Community Manager

After I made that post I was able to do exactly as you describe, albeit without much accuracy. I suppose a better d3scription would have been more like a one or two rail loft like in Rhinoceros. 3DS Max has a transform tool along a spline as a good example, shape and line, etc. Nonetheless what the three of you have come up with is nothing short of amazing and I wish you continued success!
Any kind of options in say just one axis in terms of scaling would be grand instead of scaling in all axis at the same time.
Any kind of options in terms of scaling in one or two axis instead of three would be grand.

HI Anthony, 

Glad to hear you were able to do some lofting. Regarding the accuracy, do you have any suggestions on how we could make it better. I personally like to think of uMake as my 3D sketchbook-- so like I have an idea I want to get out in 3D quickly, I can do that but I don't worry about precision really, more about the idea... 

That said, we have had requests for more precision modes, and so it's something we are looking into for sure. 

On the scaling, I completely hear you about being able to isolate an axis. We are working on ways to be able to potentially be able to make this happen easily. 

Regarding the rail surfaces in Rhino, that helps. We will definitely be working on surfaces and creation in the future, right now with version 1 we are just getting started. We love to know what users like yourself would like, so "hit us with all you got!" 

Thanks as always for the feedback! 


Strange, now I'm having difficulty lofting more than two circles and had no problem doing it an hour ago. Restarted my iPad pro, no love. Hmmmm. A bend modifier would be awful nice as long as you're asking. Also sometimes have difficulty getting the desired handle to copy, or move because they occasionally hide behind one another. Not a biggie though. Again, marvelous programming.

Hey Anthony, are things going smoother. I know what you mean about the handles overlapping. If you move the camera just a bit they don't do this. 

The bend modifier-- could you explain this a bit more how you would envision this working? 


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