uMake Version 1.1.9

Hi uMakers! We stepped away from crafting our Halloween outfits to release another update with more improvements and features!

New Feature List:

• Importing OBJ with texture - Add some richness and depth to your designs by importing a .zip bundle that includes one OBJ file and one photo. The photo will be used as a texture for the imported OBJ.

• Expedited File Uploading - This makes it faster to upload and import any file to uMake without comprising the fact that all your changes are synced and backed in the cloud. Now you can import any file and open it right away from your devices while the file syncs in the background.

• View Panel - Now you can customize what you want to be visible anytime by controlling which curves, surfaces, axis, grids and groups you want to see.

Share your designs with the community or to social media by tapping the blue Play button so you can customize your design before you share it, either as a video or an image. We have seen some good things so far and we look forward to seeing what you create!

As always please leave us a review so we can hear how to improve!

E-mail us anytime at or simply use the Help panel in uMake to contact us.

Thank you,

The uMake Team

— Bugs Resolved in this update —

* Posts are loading faster now
* Crashes when signing out and then signing in were fixed
* Crashes around the "Shifter" button were fixed
* Photos saved are with a transparent background again
* Hang on animation appears now while publishing
* A post preview now showed in the publisher screens
* Videos now are visible once tapped on in the 'Explore' screen
* Comment icon now appears on a single post
* Refresh animation is now working properly
* Notifications appear only once
* Icons under the Help section are working properly now
* Bug fix for heavy drawings with lots of Freestyle Sketch
* Crash fixed related to liking a post
* Bug related to tooltips animation was fixed
* 'Can't Forgot Password' issue was solved when some users couldn't restore their passwords

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