uMake Version 1.1.5

We love you our users and that’s why with this latest update we’ve added some user requested features along with a new ‘Love Panel’ and revamped subscription screen. Check it out!

Here are the details!

• You can now import multiple files in the background at the same time.
• Show wireframes on surfaces and show them while you extrude or revolve a surface.
• The new ‘Love Panel’ makes it easy for you to share your love of uMake with your friends.
• All new subscription screen has more details and links making upgrading easier than ever.

Bug Fixes:

• Fixed bug with surfaces being shown as offset when they were tangent.
• Fixed surface rendering bug on flat surfaces.
• Fixed bug that prevented surfaces from being created with 2 connected curves.
• More accurate surfaces
• Improved extrude with closed area curves
• Fixed bug that would create and leave additional connection points on curves.

What have you created with uMake? We love to see and hear from our users. If you’ve created something awesome, feel free to share it with us or use the #uMake hashtag when sharing. As always, we love our users and are all ears at all times. Feel free to share your feedback or requests with us through our support platform, forums, or social channels.

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