uMake Version 1.1.3

Wouldn’t it be awesome if sketching on surfaces was better, sketching with the pencil tool was more realistic, and you could import larger files? Well then this update should be pretty awesome, considering we did all three of those things along with squashing some bugs that were hiding.

So Here’s what’s new:
• Improved Sketching on Surfaces.
• Curves drawn with pencil tool look more like a real pencil line.
• Pro users can import IGES, STEP and OBJ files up to 25MB in size!

Bug Fixes:

• Fixed a problem that prevented imported files from being reopened
• Fixed a problem with surfaces showing up as white in some instances
• General improvements in the new editor
• Fixed an issue where reshape could crash the app
• Fixed an issue in the layers panel that could cause crashes
• General stability improvements

What have you created with uMake? We love to see and hear from our users. If you’ve created something awesome, feel free to share it with us or use the #uMake hashtag when sharing. As always, we love our users and are all ears at all times. Feel free to share your feedback or requests with us through our support platform, forums, or social channels.

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