Import a 3D file to uMake

You are able to import .obj, .umake, .iges, and .stp files into uMake to view or edit.

First, you will need to send the file to your desired iPad device using uMake. You can either email the file to yourself or send it to your iPad from your Mac device through Airdrop.

Next, you will import the file into uMake.
(You should first make sure you are logged in to uMake before attempting to import.)
Once your file is transferred by email or Airdrop to your iPad, tap and hold down on the desired file for import. A pop-up menu should appear, with a “Copy to uMake” icon available. Tapping that option will send the file to uMake and open uMake on your iPad.

From there you are free to view, edit, and share your imported file with uMake!

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