Upgrading to uMake Pro

uMake is free to download and use many of the powerful features built in to  enable you to free your ideas. By upgrading to a uMake subscription you will gain access to advanced features and will also support continuous updates so we can provide you with an exceptional experience. 

There are two primary ways to upgrade to a uMake Pro: 

  • From your account
  • From an advanced feature

From your account: When you are on the uMake file manager, you will see your name and a small thumbnail next to your account in the upper left of the screen. Clicking on this reveals information about your account including what your subscription plan is.It will either say Starter or Pro. If it says starter and you wish to upgrade tap on the arrow next to "starter" to learn more about Pro and upgrade to it. 

From an advanced feature: A starter account lets you take advantage of many powerful tools in uMake. uMake Pro lets you go further with an advanced feature set. When you tap on one of the advanced feature you will be prompted to upgrade to uMake Pro. By tapping upgrade you will be able to learn more about what uMake Pro includes. 

uMake Pro comes with two subscription types: 

  • A monthly subscription for 14.99/month
  • A yearly subscription for 149.99/ year plus get 30 days free when you sign up. 
To sign up for a subscription, simply tap subscribe to either a monthly or annual subscription level on the upgrade screen that you were guided to from either your account or tapping on an advanced feature. You will be prompted to enter in your iTunes account credentials to pay for the upgrade. Once you enter in your details, you will need to confirm the purchase. If the purchase goes through you will be upgraded to uMake pro immediately of for the duration of your subscription level.  

The status in your account will change to indicate you are now a pro subscriber. 

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