uMake Version 1.0.11

Huge thanks to all of you uMakers for your support and encouragement! This latest version brings more requested features to the app to make creating even easier! 

Here’s what’s new: 

  • Freestyle Sketching: Sketch freely in uMake to quickly hash out an idea. Freestyle sketching lets you create non smoothed NURBS curves in 3D space to quickly and loosely sketch in 3D Space. 
  • Revolve Snapping: When creating a revolved surface the axis will now snap to vertical, horizontal and 45 degree angles to make revolved surface creating easier than ever. 
  • Improved Airdrop: now you can transfer image AND 3D file formats to other devices  with Airdrop. 
  • Undo/ Redo while sketching on surfaces. You can now use the undo/redo function when sketching on Surfaces. 

What have you created with uMake? We love to see and hear from our users. If you’ve created something awesome, feel free to share it with us or use the #uMake hashtag when sharing. As always, we love our users and are all ears at all times. Feel free to share your feedback or requests with us through our support platform, forums, or social channels. 

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