Exporting OBJ Models

In addition to being able to export PNG and IGES files, uMake can export work created in it to the OBJ format, another largely universal file format. 

To export your model, in OBJ format, make sure nothing on your model is selected. Next from the top menu tap the export icon, where you will be presented the options to export your model as a 2D PNG file, an IGES file, or an OBJ file. In addition there is a UMK format which is uMakes proprietary exchange format.


To export an OBJ tap the OBJ icon. You will see an e-mail draft appear complete with the OBJ file attached, a small thumbnail of the model, and a bit of pre-written text. Enter in the email address you would like to send the model to, and hit send.


The OBJ file will be sent right away for its next journey in the creative process.


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  • When I import the OBJ from uMake into Cinema 4D, it shows lines that I used to create the objects in uMake—but that were deleted before exporting. Yet I don’t have a way to remove them in C4D...without a solution here, the app seems broken for me.

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