Exporting IGES Models

One of the great features of uMake is that you can create a 3D model intuitively by sketching, and then export the 3D data to use with your favorite programs to take to the next level, be that creating a photorealistic rendering, an animation, or a 3D printed model. 

uMake has the ability to export your creations in the Initial Graphics Exchange Specification also known as the IGES format. This universal format can be used in a large number of 3D modeling programs and is vendor neutral. 

To export your model, in IGES format, make sure nothing on your model is selected. Next from the top menu tap the export icon, where you will be presented the options to export your model as a 2D PNG file, an IGES file, or an OBJ file. In addition there is a UMK format which is uMakes proprietary exchange format. 

To export an IGES, tap the IGES icon. You will see an e-mail draft appear complete with the IGES file attached, a small thumbnail of the model, and a bit of pre-written text. Enter in the email address you would like to send the model to, and hit send. 

The IGES file will be sent right away for its next journey in the creative process. 

Tip: IGES files are generally recognized by rendering programs as one model/ one surface, thus if you try to texture them, the texture will be applied to the whole model. 

To get around this, using an intermediary 3D cad program that recognizes the individual surfaces and exporting to a STEP format will allow you to render each surface individually. 

Stay tuned for tutorials on how to work with IGES and exported files in the future. 

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