Exporting and working with Images from uMake

uMake makes it easy to export an image right from the app. uMake exports a transparent PNG file to make it easy to use in other image editing programs like Procreate, Concepts, Pixelmator, Photoshop, etc. 

One side effect of exporting to a transparent PNG is that when viewed on an iOS device like an iPad int he photo gallery, the image shows up with a black background which could make it difficult to see if you have just a line sketch for example. 

One work around that we have discovered is the following: 

1. Export a still image using the export function found in the top menu. 

2. To view the exported image, open up the Photos app and navigate to Camera Roll. 

3. Tap on the exported image. This is when you will notice the black background. 

4. Tap 'Edit' to edit the image. 

5. Tap on the Crop icon. In the upper left corner you will notice a "rotate" button. 

6. Rotate the image 4 times (360º) 

7. Tap Done. 

(Credit to beta tester Aurelien François for discovering and sharing this workaround) 


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