Lofted Surfaces

uMake allows you to create lofted surfaces between multiple curves (up to 5 curves). A lofted surface can be thought about as a surface that is stretched between two or more anchors to create a surface between the anchors-- in this case the curves are the anchors. 

Usually lofted surfaces are created between two curves. Using more than two curves usually results in more complex surfaces but can also yield some undesired results. 

To create a lofted surface, select 2 to 5 curves. Surfaces can be created between curves as long as the curves are yellow. When they all turn blue, surfaces cannot be created in between the curves. 

The example below is a simple vehicle using surfaces created entirely through the use of lofting. 


With your curves selected, tap the "create surface icon" in the top menu, and a surface will be created between the curves. 

When a surface is created, it can be edited by editing the curves it was created from, as long as the curves were not modified (trimmed, or intersected with other curves). 

Lofting surfaces is one of the easiest ways to create surfaces and is great for creating relatively simple or flat surfaces. To create more complex surfaces with compound curves, we would recommend creating surfaces within a closed area. 

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