Curve Styles: Colors, stroke weight, etc

Bring some color to your uMake model with curve styles! 

uMake allows you to change the color of your curves as well as the stroke weight. In addition to this, you can choose the style between a pencil texture or a pen texture! 

To change the style of your curves, use the tools in the top menu during idle mode (no curves selected). These tools are highlighted below. 

To Change Pen style: Simply select between pencil or pen. 

To Change line weight: Tap once on the pen or pencil to change the line weight. Use the slider to choose the right line weight for you. Tap anywhere on the screen to exit the slider. 

To Change stroke color: Tap the colored "swatch" on the top menu to show a color wheel that can be used to select the color for the curve. Find a color you like, then tap anywhere on the screen to exit the color picker. 

Once you are satisfied with the style, weight and color, you are ready to begin sketching with style! Color on! 

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