Reference Images

So you did a cool napkin sketch you want take further? Or you found a 3 view blueprint of a concept car you want to create? No problem. uMake supports the use of reference images to let you sketch over and then transform your sketches in 3D space. 

uMake Starter will give you the ability to import one reference image at a time. uMake Pro will allow you to use 3 images -- top, side, and front views simultaneously. 

To use a reference image, tap on the reference image icon in the top menu. This will open up a menu that will let you import an image from your photos library or take a photo to use and choose what view this image should appear in. 

Once a reference image is placed, you can use two fingers to move it, and the pinch gestures to scale it up or down to fit your scene. You can also adjust the opacity of the image. When you have it in place, tap the green check mark in the upper right hand corner of the top menu. 

Reference images can be "edited" -- rescaled, moved, or have their opacity changed, simply by tapping on the reference image icon, and then tapping the options in the menu that drops down. 

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