One of the powerful features in uMake is the symmetry tool which allows you to create symmetrical curves as you sketch that are mirrored across the axis of your choice. 

Symmetry makes creating symmetrical objects like vehicles easy and intuitive-- you only have to sketch one side and the other side will follow along. 

To sketch with symmetry, first turn on symmetry by taping the icon for symmetry and then selecting the axis-- X, Y, or Z, -- you would like the other half of the sketch to be reflected over.  Then simply sketch and you will see the other side reflected as you sketch. 

Curves created with symmetry keep a history, thus if you decide to use control points to change or modify the curve, both curves will change simultaneously. 

Symmetry also works with the transform tool. If symmetry is on and a curve is drawn on the central plane of an axis, moving the curve will create a copy and both curves will move symmetrically. 

A small note about symmetry's "history" -- If a curve is modified when symmetry is off, the history will be broken between the two curves. 

Symmetry works with life sketching and transform. If you would like to mirror an existing set of curves, you would use the Mirror tool, which is part of the uMake Pro subscription. 

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