Sketch Planes

Sketch planes are part of what makes uMake magical! How do you sketch in 3D space? Sketch planes make this possible. 

What is a Sketch Plane? 

Sketch plans are planes that relate to one or two points placed on curves in uMake. Once a sketch plane is defined in space, it will change its orientation axis depending on the camera angle so that it remains as perpendicular as possible to the camera view. Thus this allows you to have planes that are offset for the standard X, Y, and Z center planes. 

Users can sketch on these planes just like they would on the center plane, however their curves will be offset from the center line. 

How do I create a Sketch Plane? 

Creating a Sketch Plane is easy. For a single point Sketch Plane, just tap and hold on a curve until a red dot with two "semi" axes appears. 

To create a two point Sketch plane, tap and hold on another point on the same curve or another curve until another red dot with two "semi" axes appear.

In both cases, once the Sketch Plane points are placed, you will see a grid in space that you can sketch on-- this is your sketch plane. 

Single point sketch planes remain perpendicular to the camera in the X, Y, and Z axis. 

Dual point sketch planes can be at angles which can make creating complex shapes easy. 

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