Sketching in uMake is just like sketching on paper-- just draw a line on the screen with a finger or stylus to start a sketch! Sketching the core way to create in uMake.

We have worked hard to make sketching as natural and fun as possible, while at the same time slightly enhancing what you sketch. Curves are automatically cleaned up and in some cases, like drawing a circle, our advanced algorithms will create a "perfect shape"-- a circle, arc, straight line, or square. If you don't want the perfect shape, using the undo button will show the exact curve drawn. 

The power of uMake's sketching experience is in both its intuitive nature -- that being just like sketching on paper, combined with the ability to sketch a line in 3D space, and its power to create beautiful boolean curves that are then editable.  

While you can sketch with a finger, we recommend a stylus for more precision and a better experience. 

Have fun Sketching! 

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