Finding information about a file

In order to help facilitate support, the uMake team may ask for some information about a file you may be working on if you have any issues with it. We have made it easy for you to find and send information about the file. 

To find information about a particular file in the file manager, tap and hold on a file to enter  the Edit/ Reorder mode. Tap the file you would like to find information on to select it. A white outline surrounds a selected file. 

Once you have a selected file, tap the "i" icon on the top of the file manager. 

This will create an e-mail to send to support, complete with the uMake oil and relevant information our support team may need to help support you. 

There is a spot for you to elaborate if you have any issues with the file. 

This tool works if you are having problems opening a file and are not able to export it from the editing mode. 

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