Managing Files

The uMake File manager lets you easily organize your files, allowing you to change the order in which the files appear, and create collections of files to save space. Files can also be duplicated from within the file manager, as well as deleted. Lastly, for support reasons, we have implemented a way to find out information about a file win case we need to provide support to our users. 

Reordering Files: 

When in the file manager, you will see small thumbnails of your various projects. To reorder your files, simple tap and hold on any thumbnail until you see all of the thumbnails shake and slightly shift position. Now you are in reorder mode and if you tap and drag any thumbnail (file) you can drag it anywhere among your files to a new position in the grid. Other files will move to make room, and when you are done, just lift your finger. When you are done re-ordering files, tap the white check mark in the upper right hand corner. 

Creating Collections: 

To create a collection, tap and hold on a thumbnail to initiate reorder/ edit mode in the file manager. Then tap and drag one file on top of another one you would like to associate the file with, and lift your finger. A new collection has been created. When you are done creating your collection tap the white check mark button. 

To take a file out of a collection, enter the collection, and then tap and hold on a file to enter the edit/ reorder mode. Drag a file to the upper left corner -- a small arrow will appear indicating that this file will go back into the default collection of files. Lift up and the file will be removed from the collection. When complete, tap the white check mark in the upper left. 

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  • hi 

    The tap & hold/drag doesn't work with me? Is it only works with Pro account?



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