Getting Started: The quick start guide

Thanks for downloading and installing uMake! We want you to have a wonderful experience using our app, so we have taken the liberty to put together a small quick start guide to help you be able to make the most out of uMake and have a great time using the App. 

If you've just begun, here are a few tips to help you get started.

Tip 1: Watch the Tutorials

We have put together several starter tutorials to help you get started. They appear the first time uMake launches, but are accessible any time from within the app by taping the "i" icon in the top menu or the "?" in the File manager. They only take about 10 minutes to watch, but it is worth taking this time to watch and try out the features. 

Tip 2: Start simple

While we have worked hard to make uMake intuitive, easy and fun to use, there is still a small learning curve. While making complex models is definitely possible with uMake, we recommend starting simple to get to know the app. Creating two or three models by just sketching will help you get a feel for how the sketching tools work in the app. By starting simple, you will be able to advance more quickly as you will have a better feeling for the interface and tools within uMake. 

Tip 3: Play with the Demo Models

When you first launch uMake, and after you follow the tutorials you might notice that there are a few demo models already in the app. Feel free to use these however you'd like to learn with. Play with the curves, add to the models, change them-- we have included these for both inspiration and learning tools. Don't worry about "messing them up"-- we can always restore them. 

Tip 4: Less is more

uMake utilizes a new approach to modeling-- instead of using a mouse and keyboard to lay down curves in 3D space uMake takes advantage of input from a finger or stylus to create curves in 3D space. These boolean curves have have control points which can be edited for creating more precise curves. As a basic rule, the fewer control points you can use to achieve the curve you want will result in a cleaner, more pure curve. This is important as surfaces can then be created between curves, and the cleaner the curve, the cleaner the surface. 

Tip 5: Have fun, and don't be shy

We want you to really enjoy using uMake and free your ideas with the help of our app. That said, our users are very important to us, and we love hearing from you. We have created a few different ways for you to contact us: 

1. In app feedback-- If you run into a bug or have feedback, you can send us this feedback right from within the app by using the loudspeaker icon in the top menu. This will allow you to send in a bug you notice (which will let you take a screenshot and mark up the picture to show us what the bug is) or send feedback to our channel. 

2. e-mail us: Feel free to send us an e-mail at

3. Use our forums on this support page and share your ideas, feedback or anything else you'd like to discuss with us or the uMake community. 

We sincerely hope this guide will help you. Enjoy using uMake! 

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  • There are no tutorials that show you how to start using umake. Not a very reliable program when it won't work after you take my money. I'll need to go tto the Apple store and give it a single star.....right now it doesn't deserve any stars

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