Revolved Surfaces

While creating revolved surfaces is quite standard in most 3D modeling programs, uMakes approach to creating revolved surfaces is not only unique, but very easy to use. 

You can create revolved surfaces in uMake from a single curve. 

To create a revolved surface for an object like a cause, glass, bottle, etc, start by sketching a curve. 

Sketch the outline curve of one side of the object you wish to create. 

Once you are ready to create a revolved surface, select the curve you would like to create the surface from and then , tap the "revolved surface" icon in the top menu. 

Upon initiating the revolved surface, an option to control how many degrees you would like to revolve the surface will appear in the top menu. A review of the revolved surface will appear, and additionally, two blue circles will appear at the endpoints of the curve that is to be revolved. The line between these two points acts as the axis for the revolved surface. At first the revolved surface may not appear how you imagined it due to the axis, but you can move the blue circles to define the axis to revolve the curve around and create a surface from. 

Move the two blue "handles" until you are happy with the revolution axis. Then tap the green check mark in the top right and you will have a revolved surface. 

IMG_0581 Resized.jpg

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