Extruded surfaces

Creating extruded surfaces is very easy in uMake. 

An extruded surface is essentially a lofted surface between two identical curves. uMake gives users control over what direction and how long a surface is extruded. In addition to this, uMake allows users to extrude in both on direction or two directions for maximum efficiency. 

To create an extruded surface, follow the steps below: 

  • Select or sketch and then select a curve you would like to extrude. 
  • With the curve selected, tap the extrude icon win the top menu. A handle to extrude the surface will appear on the screen. 
  • Select either two way or single sided extrude in the top menu. 
  • Tap and drag the handle in the direction you would like to extrude the curve. A lined preview will show a preview of what the extruded surface will look like. 
  • When satisfied, tap the green checkmark box in the upper right corner. The extruded surface will appear. 
Tip: Use extrude to easily create cylinders and cubes from circles and squares. 
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