Surfacing in uMake

Surface modeling can be extremely complex, and creating perfect surfaces is an art in an of itself. We worked hard make surfacing easy in uMake, and we will continue working hard to improve it as we move forward with the App. 

While the surfaces created in uMake would not be considered "Class A" surfacing, and are not currently editable, they are perfectly usable to create beautiful renderings in your favorite rendering program. 

There are 4 main ways to create surfaces in uMake: 


Edge Curves (closed area)



The primary thing to understand about surfacing in uMake is that surfaces created in uMake are the sum of the curves that it is created from. Thus sharp corners can create odd wrinkles or undesired effects for example, while smooth curves can create beautiful compound curve shapes. 

There are a lot of feature requests to improve surfacing in uMake, such as being able to trim surfaces, project curves on surfaces, edit surfaces, give color to surfaces, and more. IF you have a feature request regarding surfacing feel free to check out our forum, FAQ's or contact us and send in your idea. We are really excited about many features we will add pertaining to surfacing in the future, and look forward to working with you to make this function the best surfacing experience out there! 

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