Does uMake support Dimensions?

As of uMake Version 1.4.2, uMake supports dimensions. uMake 1.4.2 was released in 2017. Dimensions can be accessed through the settings panel in the side panel. Units can be chosen as well with relative ease by selecting what unit you will be working in. Units are based on the smallest grid unit when fully zoomed in. When zooming out, the grid dynamically changes, with each new zoom level representing 2x of the level before it. We plan on adding refinements and even more features to the dimensions tool in the near future. 



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  • I really like the program but for me to be useful it needs dimensions. How do actually use it for more than doodling without knowing the actual dimension. It is not worth paying for without a way to actually use it.

  • Totally agree with John, feel like I'm wasting time without dimensions!

  • Totally agree with John, feel like I'm wasting time without dimensions!

  • Thanks for your feedback guys!

    Right now we are focused on uMake being the best 3D sketching experience we can possibly make it. uMake currently works great when incorporated into your current 3D design pipeline, as a way to quickly sketch out your design ideas, and then import them into your favorite 3D program for further edits and more technical work. 

  • If you have to move to a more professional 3D program anyway, wouldn't it be faster to just start in one of those in the first place? It doesn't make sense to invest months of work learning how to learn uMake and then also have to maintain my skillset in SolidWorks or Fusion 360, both very complicated programs.

  • Michael, this article has been updated to reflect that uMake now supports dimensions. uMake was created as a natural sketching app, and for NURBS modeling, it is faster to work with uMake than to plot points to generate curves in software like MOI, Rhino, or Alias. You continue to reference SolidWorks and Fusion 360, one of which is a parametric modeling application (completely different workflow) and fusion which is kind of its own thing. Neither are NURBS modelers (like Maya, Alias, Rhino, MOI, and CATIA) which use curves and surfaces to create geometry. As uMake started out as a 3D sketching application, with the ability to create simple surfaces, NURBS made the most sense. uMake Is not meant to be a replacement application for these advanced apps- instead it is supposed to be complementary. It is the digital 3D sketchbook if you will-- quickly ideas in 3D, throw in some surfaces, and then refine later. While it might not be the right app for your particular workflow, I would love to show you how it could help speed up your workflow and compliment apps like Fusion 360. I hope that helps.

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