Why do I need to create an account with uMake?

When you first download uMake you will be prompted to create an account with uMake using either your Google+ account, Facebook account, or an e-mail address. 

uMake is a connected cloud based app that stores your uMake files in the cloud so that you can access them from different devices at any time from anywhere. Your uMake account is your key to accessing accessing your files, just like your e-mail login lets you view your e-mail from multiple devices. 

In addition to this, uMake is currently building out a community platform that will allow users to collaborate with other users using uMake. The uMake community aims to allow users to collaboratively work on projects, provide feedback and share files. Like with most communities, your account will also provide you access to this community. Participating in this community will be voluntary of course and is not a requirement to use uMake, but we think it will bring a lot of value for many users who could begin sharing files to help enhance the overall creative and ideation experience. 

If you do not want to create an account with Google+ or Facebook we have made signing up with an e-mail address an option as well. It's quick and easy. 

It is important to note that uMake will never use your information for any purpose not related to uMake. We will NEVER sell or share your data with a third party. The designs you create with uMake are yours and yours alone. We understand privacy is an important topic and this is precisely why we have created the account system for uMake-- so that your data is protected and private. 

*NOTE: If you created an account with support.umake.xyz, your login won't be recognized by uMake. Currently the logins with our support site and uMake are not synced, and thus are different. We are working on this however. 

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