Will there be a PC/Mac version of uMake?

As uMake originated as a mobile app, and its primary target is to allow users to design while mobile, we don’t envision doing a version for the PC/ Mac. We believe that the future will be heavily mobile, and uMake was designed for the mobile workflow. In addition to this, the files that users can export from UMake can work in many computer based 3D programs. Users can refine their models, render them, or use them in animation programs. Think of uMake as the worlds first 3D modeling sketchbook.

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  • Please make a PC/Mac version anyway! :) I would love to be able to use Umake with my Wacom Cintiq!

  • I support and hope you create a Windows PC version and this will not distance Umake from the concept of mobility. Not only are the Wacom tablet pc`s but there are also the Microsoft Surface/Book/Studio which are becoming a strong competitor with Ipad Pro. Currently Windows lacks a serious pen-enabled 3D cad/design application. I think its a huge market for it.

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