Why Does uMake use the Subscription model?

uMake uses a subscription model for uMake Pro which enables users to create unlimited designs as well as import and export designs up to 25mb in IGES, STEP and OBJ formats. After careful consideration and a lot of research into different pricing models, we decided that the subscription model mad the most sense, and was in the best interest of the customer. Here's why.

uMake offeres a fremium model where you can use all of the tools in the editor, over 200 professionally created models from the playground, nearly 100 atmospheres and backgrounds, and nearly 200 textures while creating up to 10 projects all for free. You can have the full uMake experience right after downloading uMake to see if it is right for you.

uMake offers a 30 day trial to uMake pro allowing you to see if the features are right for you. uMake pro enables you to create unlimited designs and import/ export models up to 25mb in IGES, STEP and OBJ formats.

You vote with your dollars-- subscribing to uMake not only gets you enhanced features of the app, it also helps support the uMake team. Your subscription literally supports us and helps us offer world class customer support along with continuous development of the app. That said, because we know that you've subscribed, we are always on the hook to earn your support and constantly make the uMake experience world class.

Continuously growing value. The uMake team is continuously developing new features and new content for the app. Pro subscribers will get more and more pro features with time, without the cost of the subscription increasing-- no add ons in the future. More editor tools, more library content, more textures and atmospheres. All for the same subscription rate. With a subscription, the value is always increasing.

Value is relative-- We tried to be fair in pricing uMake pro. It costs about as much as a small lunch, 2 beers, or 3 coffees. We think that, for the value a pro subscriber can get with the ability to import and export models, or create to their hearts content with unlimited modeling, that the cost of about 2 beers is quite reasonable. That said, value is always relative.

We want to still be around in a few years. We've watched a lot of great apps come and go over the years, many times because the development costs outweighed revenue, and it was difficult for the developers to continue offering a good app experience. We want to avoid this fate, and the subscription model will help support uMake for the long term.

We hope this helps to explain why uMake chose the subscription model instead of an outright purchase model or an in app purchase model. We are always looking into new and interesting ways for pricing models, and happy to discuss with you about this.

That said, we feel that because of the continuously growing value, and the pressure to always provide you a world class experience, the subscription model makes the most sense for uMake.

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  • Is the freemium model still in effect, because when I downloaded uMake all the tools and options were greyed out and I couldn't do anything aside from pan and rotate the scene.

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